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Every tattoo studio has its rhythm and vibe. This time I take you for a little visit to my place. I am going to answer few questions from my lovely wife (of course most of the answers she knows very well already, but we do that for you).

Most of the tattoo artists tend to believe that they are in the center of universe, while it is usually the customer, who’s moment matters. My customer and friend let me allow to tell a bit of my story this time, for which I would like to thank him here.

We talk about how I started and why. What was my motivation and how it has changed during all of those years. And seriously it would be crazy to demand that our perception and character stays 100% the same.

I am also going to share with you story of first tattoo I did, and much more. So happy watching, and I am sure you will find it entertaining and maybe a bit educational as well.


No, thanks. I love my hamster wheel.