Engerser Str.22
Neuwied, Germany

I would like to hear from you. Send me Your tattoo project ideas, inquiry, or commissions via a contact form.

But please do not be shy if you want to contact me with questions, portfolio critique or general networking. The longer I work in art, the more I believe in a power of giving back to the community.

Please be patient, as I receive a large volume of emails every week. Give me at least a few days for a reply. I try to answer much quicker, but sometimes it is just purely impossible.

For tattoo projects, please don't forget to state:
- short description of the piece,
- the placement on your body,
- size,
- color or black and grey.
- include references so that I get a good vision of what your design is all about.

You can also contact me directly via email:

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