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12 Ways to Design Better Tattoo Sleeve

How to plan tattoo sleeve. Important things to consider before starting. Often decision about getting a sleeve is a look that we see in our imagination. Bigger tattoo, that everyone around will notice and compliment. But for that to happen there are many things to consider. In this video, I will join both points of view: customer and tattoo artist. Maybe when letting them influence each other, we will be able to get much better tattoos.

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How To Become a Tattoo Artist.

Did you watch all the advices from pro tattooers, yet still you do not know how to become a tattoo artist? Watch this full training video in which I show you the most efficient way to become a tattooer. My videos are intended for those seeking in-depth knowledge and willing to bend reality through hard work and dedication. What you will hear may be different to what you have heard so many times, but it is true and is obtained through my own experience.

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Tattoo artist at work. Advice. Studio life. Tattoo secrets.

This time I would like to invite you to my studio for a little chat. Usual day of my life. My wife will ask questions about Tattoo Artist career, how I started and you will also meet one of our friends.

I started as an aspiring fine art painter. Tattooing came up as an accident and became a massive change in my life. Little support that I had came from directions I did not predict.

We talk about some crazy and entirely wrong aspirations that I had at the beginning, and how my character and approach changed with years of experience, and after meeting other fantastic artists.

My first tattoo was a little 4 leaf clover that I did on my mom. While now I tattoo bigger pieces all the time. Most significant change to get better must happen in Tattoo Artist himself.

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Why are some tattoo artists mean?

How many times have you entered the tattoo shop just to realize that man behind the computer does not really want you there? How many times have you heard that your ideas are not right, and in general he doesn’t want to talk to you? Did you ever wonder why?

I am a tattoo artist for over 8 years now, I am pretty sure that I know the answer. But it is a bit more complicated then it looks. To answer that, we have to understand when Tattooer is happy!

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5 Tattoo Shading Techniques - Full Lesson, Masterclass

In this Masterclass, I present 5 important Tattoo Shading Techniques that I use every day.

Ink selection

My Secret Dilution Formula

Dip Twice Rule

Needles Combination

Against the Form.

This class will be especially valuable to tattooers who already have some experience under the belt, as I assume that you know the basics. But beginners will benefit too. With my learning videos, my goal is to provide serious education for those tattoo artists who for some reason have no chance to get the first-hand experience from a mentor. So if you know someone who could benefit from that knowledge, please share it!

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What is the Best Tattoo Machine

Different and scary effective approach for choosing the best tattoo machine. How to learn more about your tattoo machine.

In 2 points I describe which machine, and why is the best for you depending on the experience you have.

Tips for Pro, and for Starters.

QUESTIONS: Do you have a question about something I mentioned in my video? Post it in comments, and I will be happy to answer!

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