9 Tips from Your Tattoo Artist: Tattoo Sleeve for Woman

1. Make sure that for each session “the time is right.”

And you know exactly what I mean. For some women, those days of the month are not the best. You may be a bit hypersensitive, and needles digging in your skin won't make it any better. Maybe except for some of you who like the feeling, but that is an entirely different story!
So whenever possible, when booking appointments for your sleeve tattoo, try to choose the rest of the month. You do not have to say why at the reception desk, right? It will be just smart, and better for you.

2. Use fewer elements in the design.

Tattoo sleeve for a woman is especially tricky one to design. Space is skinny and long. Even that your skin is usually million times better than of those men who do not know how to use body lotion and all that fancy stuff that you have:); still, it is a beautiful small canvas.
Also, you want to be seen as a gentle, delicate girl? Then why throw all the ideas that you ever had into one tattoo? It will just make your arm clattered, and your skin should be an absolute piece of art! So like in art: less is more.

3. Let your sleeve flow well with the body.

When designing a tattoo sleeve for a woman, the tattoo artist should take into consideration flow, the natural rhythm of the body. Also as a customer, you will benefit the most from designs that follow your gentle lines. All the rigid straight lines, triangles, and shapes that fight against your natural form will naturally make your body look more aggressive and masculine. So until you want to show that inner strength, I would highly recommend staying away from them.
Nice flowy lines, shapes like letter S and C will make your sleeve more feminine and sexy. When done correctly this can make a spectacular difference.

4. Don't make it too heavy.

Through my career, I have heard many opinions about how tattoos should be constructed for ultimate longevity and timeless design. And although in general, I agree that tattoos saturated with ink well and thoroughly stand very good against the aging process, I also believe that nothing is more critical than an air of empty skin. Make sure there is a balance in your design. If there are big parts of the heavily tattooed skin, there should also be some flowing elements of the empty skin. Also, darks have to stay pretty dark for longevity, but make sure that you also have some light tones in your tattoo sleeve. Without them, your arm will look too dark, and all the detail will be lost.
Balance is the key. So listen to your intuition girl and if you feel that design is too heavy – it surely is!

5. Protect your tattoo arm from the sun always.

It is sad news for most of you, I know. Sun makes your skin look so good. But it will also make it older faster, you know. You do not want it, oh no! Sun will also make your tattoo sleeve age earlier. It is even wise to stop exposing your future tattoo sleeve arm to the sun a few months before tattooing.
Brown skin will make it harder for the tattoo artist to bring all of those beautiful colors, contrasts, and images to life. If your skin is too dark, he may even go for wrong choices that will be visible, when your skin tone goes back to normal. So if you decided to go for a sleeve – I would highly recommend being best friend with sun cream factor 50+ forever. And you need some smart ones because you can't smell each day the same, like coming back from Majorca. You need to be able to use your fantastic perfumes and other scents you love so much. That is why you also need to...

6. Get some premium aftercare, girl.

Yeah, of course, you can heal your tattoo with old school Bepanthen or A&D, but let's make it straight – the time of these ointments for serious tattoo girl passed many years ago. They are oily, stop your skin from breathing, can stain your clothes (oh God no!) or even make pimples arrive (even worst!). So we say “no” to Bepanthen, and it is time to look for something from this century and decade.
Luckily there are many excellent options that not only solve all the problems above but will also heal your precious tattoo much quicker and better, help with itchiness and sooth your skin. Products like Dermalize, EasyTattoo, Hustle Butter, Aquatat are great solutions for healing.
You will also need some sun cream for your tattoo, and for that products form Easy Tattoo or H2Ocean are highly recommended as they do not have any additional scent and work perfectly.

7. Get some timeless style, do not care about temporary fashion.

When you tattoo a while, you start seeing styles that come and go. And then those girls with their over-bum tattoo that was so sexy 20 years ago do not want to talk about it anymore. Do you remember pointy tribals on the arm? So you know what I mean.
And now many of those great styles arrived in tattooing. Trashy, messy designs, watercolor effects, artistic scribbles designed with modern design tools, long lines through half of the arm and then an arrow, etc. Now, this is only my personal opinion, so if you love those things, do not worry about me at all! Do not allow some tattoo artist writing blog ruin your dream project. But if you have a little doubt, and you can see what I suggest, then don't do those styles. They come and go. There are amazing styles that will be immortal, and you can be 1000% sure that you will never be ashamed of them in your whole life.
Realism. Japanese. Traditional and Neo-traditional. Go for one of the best artists in those styles, and I guarantee you will be proud of your sleeve forever.

8. Find your perfect timing!

Tattoo sleeve for a woman will take me around 30 hours of work. Of course depending on detail, amount of skin coverage, color or black and gray. So it is a long process, and won't happen in a week. So get prepared for it. When booking appointments make it work well with your schedule as well. Allow yourself some time to rest between sessions to get energy back.
To achieve the perfect result and stay sane, I would say one-two sessions a month would be an ideal. Quicker than that will put your willpower into a test. Slower – the excitement of doing something bigger will start disappearing, and the project will fill like taking forever.

9. Choose the best artist you can. And think about financing.

Almost everything in this world eventually will come to money. So my advice would be. Always go with the best artist you know for your project, and then sort out the money. First thing – you want to make sure that you will be 100% happy with your sleeve. You want your sleeve to bling, to get attention, to make others jealous and talk about it. And to make it happen, you need the best. Let's make it straight. You disserve the best. So go for the best. Many of my customers are girls, and I love working with them because they are demanding yet very polite and positive at the same time. Any half ways will lead only to disappointments at best or big problems at worst.
And then raise the money. Experienced professional will work at a high price. That is normal. Same with cars, same with tattoos.
So when you know who your guy is, who operates on the same vibes and cares about the quality of your work, go for him! Because only he will make you happy. And if you do not have the money yet – get it. Do I have to tell you how? Girl, if you want something, nothing will stop you! Do you have a birthday? Vouchers! Do you have a husband, boyfriend, a man trying to impress you? Girl needs some tattoos. Put tips money into it, start saving. And then you can always get financing from your bank. Seriously, my customers do that. They know that quality costs, but they do not allow themselves having anything less than what they need! Banks exist exactly for situations like that. So use it.
And the truth is if you go with an exceptional artist, you save. You save money you could end up spending in years of fixing and tweaking your imperfect tattoo done cheaper on the first day.


Here is video in relation to designing tattoo sleeve. You can check out my tattoo works here. Please leave comment, it is always great to hear your thoughts!