Top 5 Things To Do before Tattoo Session

O.K. So you have your tattoo appointment made, now how you can prepare to get the best possible experience? What to do before tattoo? How to make sure the tattoo will go smoothly? Or maybe it is entirely on your artist side?
Of course, the design, and execution is mostly in tattooer's hands. But the whole atmosphere and ease of work is a different case. With that customer can really make a difference!

Here are some crucial and straightforward things to remember:

1. Shave tattoo area

That is a standard in the industry that tattooer will shave a skin before application. There are many reasons for that. It helps with the healing process as well as with stencil application. Even, stencil stays for longer allowing your artist to work without stress. So your artist will shave the area of the skin, where you will be tattooed.

If you do it at home, you can help significantly. With smaller tattoos is not such a big hustle, but if you imagine someone getting a sleeve, and artist plans to do lines for the whole project at the first session. In this case, shaving can take a bit, and it is a must, and a little annoying part of the process.
So shave at home, and your artist will appreciate it!
I would also recommend doing this 3 days, 1 day prior to the appointment, and maybe again just before tattooing. That way you actually reduce the chance of hair growing under the skin.

PRO TIP: Always shave along the hair, not against it! And do not cut yourself!

2. Use body lotion.

Use body lotion after each shower, each day, one week before the appointment. That way you make sure that your skin is well hydrated, healthy and is in perfect condition for tattooing.
On such a skin work goes much more comfortable and quicker, there are fewer problems, and in general, you will help your artist.


"...on well hydrated skin work goes easer..."

3. Sleep well night before.

Sleep well and relax! I know that you are excited, you can’t wait to see the design, you just want to have it done and show all of your friends! How you can sleep?!
Believe me, relaxing will help you tomorrow, so today have one drink (I bold 'one' for a reason!), watch some favorite movie, or go with your better part for dinner.
Everything will be fine, and the tattoo will be great. So relaxing is the key!

Please do not party one day before. Hangover really does not help!

4. Do not bring anyone with you for a tattoo session.

Until it is a couple or friends tattoo, do not bring anyone with you. There is probably nothing more annoying for an artist then the whole auditorium of spectators sitting on the opposite side and watching his every move. It is hard to be creative when instead of concentrating on the image he has to control his environment and make sure that none is covering the light.
Believe me, I have seen whole families sitting in front of the artist like in a movie theater.

Also if your artist is like me, your companion has big chances of having a dull day, because I do now allow anyone except customer to the tattooing area. So while you are getting the tattoo done, your friend will have 6h trying not to fall asleep in wired positions!

Do not bring kids with you either. If they are not old enough to stay alone, find a babysitter. The tattoo parlor is rarely suitable for children.

5. Do not plan anything else for the tattoo day.

And this one is big! Keep in mind that all agreed times of tattoo session may unexpectedly change. Previous customer session might extend, or maybe your meeting will take a bit longer. Or perhaps you will have a nice lunch break with your artist. It is tough to predict the timing of a tattoo day.

Even that I personally like to keep everything super-organized and in most cases I work with only one customer a day, each day is different. Sometimes tattoo friends come to say hello, or I just have to take a phone call, or I want to work a bit more on this particular tattoo.
In all of those cases if you planed something after the tattoo session – stress arrives. And you really do not want that! Tattooer want’s to work a bit more, and suddenly he can’t because you planned shopping with your kids. Come on, keep it simple and no stress!

PRO TIP: Always make sure that you parked your car, where it can stay for the next 24h! Sometimes you just can’t live the studio to run for park machine. Or when the session ends, you wish to go home and chill, but then you realize that your car is not where it suppose to be!

So with these simple tips, you can make tattoo experience much better for yourself. And those are just simple life-like situations, that if we control, they won’t hit us back.

Friends, enjoy your inking and have fun! Because after all, tattoos are fun, and they are super-special things we do for ourselves!

See you at the tattoo session!

Do you have other important tips for before time? Post them in your comment!

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